Senior nutrition to slow the body clock


There’s a big market out there for healthy aging nutrition. Through targeted food innovation, you can help seniors stay active for longer.

Active seniors expect to live life to the full in their later years. So what are they doing to stay in good shape – and how can you as a food manufacturer help them on their way?

Here at DuPont Nutrition & Health, we asked 60 to 75-year-old consumers in three European markets about their health concerns, their diet and exercise habits and what triggers them to buy food products with a health or nutrition claim.

Their answers provide many good clues to the kind of foods and ingredients that senior consumers look for to keep themselves fit, active and healthy.

Many food manufacturers are already gearing up to meet the need for targeted senior nutrition. And demand is growing. According to Eurostat, 25% of the EU population will be aged 65+ by 2040. In other words, the opportunities for new product innovation have no limit.

We designed our healthy aging concepts to inspire you, drawing on insights from our survey, our nutrition science and our broad ingredient portfolio. The concepts rest on three pillars of an active senior lifestyle:

Muscle health & physical performance
- Including SUPRO® Soy Protein

Digestive health
- Including HOWARU® Premium Probiotics and Litesse® polydextrose

Immune health
- Including HOWARU® Premium Probiotics and SUPRO® Soy Protein

In addition to supplying ingredients with a documented nutritional effect, we deliver the functional ingredient solutions that ensure your food products have the right appeal – right to the end of their shelf life.

Learn more about the senior consumer survey in our white paper.

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